Looking to Retire

Why Qopia?

As a retiring advisor, there are several factors in making sure you have piece of mind when choosing a successor. From past experiences, the most common worry is making sure that your client is past on to someone that is capable, honest, reliable, and continues to put your most client’s well-being first.

At Qopia Financial, we strive to work as a team in building relationships with your clients where you can feel confident that the time and effort invested into these relationships will continue to bear fruit for your clients moving forward.

Along with flexibility in your own transition, we also continue to encourage you to remain engaged with your clients until you are comfortable to ride off into the sunset. Our goal is to make sure you and the client feel like they are in great hands before you exit the industry.

Here is why you want to partner with us:

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Flexible Retirement Transition

Choose your end date up to 36 months.

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Team Approach

All hands are on deck to help your clients acclimate efficiently and quickly.

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Lead Advisor Transition

You are still the lead advisor and this transitions within your allotted retirement plan.

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Maximize Your Retirement Return

Flexible compensation structure paying up to 3x annual revenue.

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Peace of Mind

Work with a capable and organized team that has the infrastructure in place to effectively transition your client households.