The Qopia Difference

Qopia Financial, powered by iAPW, has tailored a proprietary investment strategy that focuses on a CORE portfolio of diversified investments along with a TACTICAL allocation model focused on outperforming within its risk tolerance and investment objective.

The CORE of the portfolio encompasses a global approach within its investment mandate to mitigate risk and aim for top-tier, risk-adjusted returns. The TACTICAL allocation works to take advantage of market deficiencies and/or favourable conditions within sectors and industries, looking for outperformance on an annual basis.


Core Investments

40% Public Equity

Incorporating publicly traded investments.

25% Public Debt

A mix of corporate and government bonds.

5% Private Debt

Debt opportunities are not available on the public market.

5% Private Real Estate

Utilizing inflation-protected assets for growth.

5% Liquid Alternative Investments

Smart cash-flow generating investments.


Tactical Investments

Smart investments that capitalize on market conditions.

Tactical Investments



Disclaimer: portfolio allocations are based on your risk tolerance and financial plan. The portfolio examples shown are examples of how yours may be structured.

Ben presenting the most recent investing results

About Qopia Investing

Professional Oversight Driven by a Committee

Our Qopia Portfolios are continuously reviewed and vigorously tested. The individual holdings can vary between active and passive strategies. Many of our holdings contain third-party investment strategies and due diligence processes. Our competitive advantage comes from utilizing our team of Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, and our in-house financial analysts to have visible oversight above and beyond the third-party’s process.

Our financial analysts work to review every position within the portfolio on an ongoing basis while comparing our third-party held positions with their largest competitors. Our committee of Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors meet monthly with our analysts and discuss market headwinds, gaps in the marketplace, and improving sector specific holdings to create risk-adjusted opportunities within our portfolios.

This process creates several layers of supervision to help with risk management and having conviction and discipline in our long-term strategy for our clients.


I cannot say enough about Arif and Ben’s professional demeanor, how they put their clients best interest at the forefront and their unwavering patience for helping clients come up the financial investment learning curve. In an extremely short period, both Arif and Ben have become our trusted advisors and I look forward to working with them for many decades.

Riz R

My only regret is not moving to Arif and Ben sooner. Amazing service and thoughtful guidance. They treat my investments as if they were their own and I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a "one stop shop" where everything from investments, insurance, legal matters, lending matters are taken care of using a holistic, well though out, common sense approach.

Farhana J

.. I am absolutely thrilled to have been connected with Ben and Arif.. Between the two of them, their knowledge of financial strategies and planning for the future is very impressive. Like-minded and so easy to speak with, I feel extremely confident in following their advice when it comes to managing money and planning ahead. I wish I had crossed paths with them many years ago but they have helped me a lot and I look forward to many, many more years working with them!

Devon T

I had a great experience working with Arif. Would highly recommend for your life insurance needs!

Melissa H

Arif and staff have been superb handling my insurance needs.

Robert B

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